Concluded Social Robots for Primary Education

Last month, we successfully concluded our project Social Robots for Primary Education. In this study, we investigated the use of Cozmo robot with children from primary school at Deepalaya school and the initial findings suggest that child-robot interaction may improve the learning skills of the children. I would like to thanks Ms. Tanushree, Ms. Shalini and Ms. Jaswant for allowing us to conduct robot interactions with the children at their community school!

I also would like to thanks my collaborators, Divyanshu (IIIT-Delhi), Dr. Sumita  (Tampere University, Finland) and Dr. Grace (IIIT-Delhi) for making this happen. I and Divyanshu went to Deeapalaya for a thank you visit. We gifted two VR headsets to the children of Deepalaya school. We hope it will be helpful for the children. I was elated to receive one hand-made sketch and a Lord Ganesha idol from the children.