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Best Projects: Machine Learning Course [CSE343/ECE343]

The monsoon 2021 offering of Machine Learning course has around 150 students and together we executed 40+ different course projects related to the subject. The students undertook the projects on a wide range of application areas and I am glad to announce the seven best course projects. The shortlisting of the projects was done keeping in mind their uniqueness of the problem, organized methodology and analysis of results. Congratulations to all the students for their efforts and teamwork!

Identifying the presence of sexism in workplace conversations


Students: Ishika Joshi, Keshav Gambhir, Sachleen Kaur, Shrivatsa Mishra

Predicting IMDb movie rating using Machine Learning


Students: Shrivatsa Mishra, Keshav Gambhir, Ishika Joshi, Sachleen Kaur

Sign Langauge to Text Conversion


Students: Bhavesh Sood, Vishwajeet Kumar, Ajeet Yadav

Personality Prediction using Myers Briggs Type Indicator


Students: Vidhi Sharma, Dolly Sidar, Udit Bhati

Music Genre Classification


Students: Ashita Boyina, Rahul Dahiya, Sai Chandan, Arunim Gupta

Movie Recommendation for a group of friends


Students: Aniansh Raj Singh, Bhavya Narang, Harshal Dev, Satwik Tiwari

Prediction of Hit Songs based on Multimodal Data


Students: Parth Chhabra, Samyak Jain, Sarthak Johari, Yash Mathne