Enhancing User Experience in VR with Haptic Interface Design

This research project intends to develop solutions for the VR world to potentially enable users to interact with VR material not just in an immersive fashion but also in almost all or most use scenarios without encountering any obstacles like portability issues, limited usage conditions, etc.

Virtual Reality: Where imagination and technology intertwine to create limitless experiences.

  • Haptic interfaces play a crucial role in shaping user experiences while engaging with the virtual reality (VR) world. The ability to provide timely, relevant, and meaningful feedback to users can significantly enhance their engagement, satisfaction, and performance. VR applications are found in numerous domains (e.g., healthcare, education, training), sharing a fundamental principle: the virtual encounter.

  • Although this virtual experience has undergone substantial advancements recently, there is still a demand for more engaging and interactive systems. Presently, the technologies in the VR field have made considerable progress in terms of visual and auditory support. However, the development of devices that cater to other essential senses such as taste, smell, and touch is in its early stages.

Students : Abhijeet Mishra (IIIT-Delhi)
Superviser : Dr. Aman Parnami (IIIT-Delhi)
Co-Superviser : Dr Jainendra Shukla (IIIT-Delhi)