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Welcome to the HMI Research Group!

At the Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) Research Group, we delve into the exciting world of human-machine cooperation. Our mission is to explore innovative interaction mechanisms that empower humans and machines to collaborate effectively.

Situated at IIIT-Delhi, our interdisciplinary research lab brings together computer scientists, designers, and psychologists. Together, we envision and create groundbreaking solutions at the intersection of Computer Science, Design, and Psychology.

In the HMI lab, we focus on designing and evaluating novel mechanisms for human-machine interaction in diverse domains such as healthcare, education, entertainment, and training. Our talented team comprises individuals from Ph.D., master's, and undergraduate levels, fostering a collaborative spirit and enabling us to tackle complex challenges.

We are proud to be supported by the Start Up Research Grant (SRG) from the Science and Engineering Research Board, Government of India, as well as the Intramural Start-up Grant from IIIT-Delhi. Additionally, we have the privilege of collaborating with the Infosys Center for Artificial Intelligence and TCS – Centre for Design and New Media at IIIT-Delhi.

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