Story Visualization and Gamification of Learning

This research aims at developing an automated process that leverages techniques from natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision (CV) to transform plain text into interactive story visualizations tailored for Indian School Education.

Visual storytelling: where NLP and CV converge to captivate minds and transcend words

Students : Anam Fatima (IIIT-Delhi)
Superviser : Dr Jainendra Shukla (IIIT-Delhi)

  • "A picture is worth a thousand words" is an adage in multiple languages meaning that complex and sometimes multiple ideas can be conveyed by a single still image, which conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a mere verbal description.

  • Visualization of textual data can be employed as an effective tool across various domains like marketing, advertising, education, and journalism. However, the creation of gamified visual content can be time-consuming and expensive.